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Hey guys,

We are really glad to announce the most anticipated project from us - the creature atelier blog. We will have the task to bring together and present some of the best local concept 2d and 3d creature artists. As first posts here we'll start with presenting the main authors who have started the creature atelier. Our common idea is to design creatures on various topics which we will discuss and develop after that. Our goal is to have fun from the whole thing, to help each other during the development of the concepts, share knowledge, make overpaints on everybody's images and put all of this here. We hope for great start to our first topic so... let's waste no time and may the fun begin!

Werewolf overpaint

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some furry classical idea

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  • VertexBee on July 9, 2012 at 11:29 PM

    Lol, great overpaint, buddy ! You've pushed the design further and achieved a good sense of motion here. I like how you grounded the creature by adding something it can step onto opposed to just floating in air.

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